It took a while to get our cancelled Christmas dinner back on track however the end result was well worth it. We had a very large attendance and the atmosphere was full of laughter. The food was great and I hope we can repeat it again next year, Weather permitting.

On a sad note we have lost another modeller, Dave Geisbrecht, who passed away last week. David was a long time modeller from the early days at Frys. His favorite plane was a scale Daletel which he flew for many years. He was initially an airline pilot and flew the DC series of airliners. He was involved in the design and flying of the heavy lift U.B.C .engineering entry for the international competition. He has had not flown for a while due to medical issues and was in the process of selling his models. I was lucky that a group of us were able to see him the week before for lunch. He will be missed by all his modelling friends and our condolences are passed on to his family. I have no further details at the moment. Chris

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