Website Code of Conduct

Website Code of Conduct

As part of the RCFCBC commitment to making this website a forum for interaction, discussion and dissemination of related information we ask that you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct. Your commitment to this Code of Conduct in all of the website areas ensures a positive experience for all our users. You must be a current member of the RCFCBC to have access to the member website. We reserve the right to terminate your access to the website for non-renewal of membership, violation of the code of conduct or any other inappropriate use of the website, or at the discretion of the RCFCBC Webmaster or Executive Committee.

Respect Others
We encourage everyone to treat each other with mutual respect. Please do not flame, this includes being rude, hostile, or otherwise unfriendly. Refrain from all expressions of bigotry, racism, hatred, or profanity. Message boards/forums are not intended to be a forum for debate or even for friendly conversation between two individuals. Members must use good judgment to determine when it is more appropriate to take their discussion offline. However, there will be times when club related issues are brought to the forums for open discussion. We ask that members always be courteous, restricting comments to the issue at hand, rather than directing them at another member or her communication style. The RCFCBC may eject or ban users, as well as remove postings that violate this Code of Conduct.

Keep it Legal and Safe
The RCFCBC does not allow any illegal activities. You cannot use this forum area to publish, post, distribute, or disseminate defamatory, infringing, obscene, or other unlawful material or information. Items may be deemed as offensive based solely on the opinion of the RCFCBC Webmaster and/or the RCFCBC Executive Committee. Do not upload or download files or post or forward messages that contain photos, software or other material protected by intellectual property laws, rights of privacy or publicity or any other applicable law unless you own or control the rights thereto or have received all necessary consents. The RCFCBC is not responsible for any use of anything you say or post. Do not post any materials (including software and other information) that could harm (or is designed to harm) other users’ computers or would allow others to inappropriately access software or websites.

Commercial Uses
Spam…Please don’t spam. Spam includes sending identical and irrelevant submissions to many different individuals, discussion groups, mailing lists or communities. Usually such postings have nothing to do with the particular topic of the group or are of no real interest to those reading the postings. However, spam may also include any unauthorized solicitation to the membership. To spam also includes misrepresenting the source of anything you say or post. Spamming is a serious violation of online etiquette. The RCFCBC reserves the right to ban a user at any time, without notice, for spamming.

This website will only permit commercial posts of RCFCBC members’ companies, with full disclosure of what the company is, its products, contact information and other information deemed appropriate. RCFCBC does not endorse these companies or their products and services. This website is not intended to be the primary means of conducting business, but rather a chance to inform other members of what you have to offer. Posts must be made only in the marketplace area (Member Businesses list) of the website.

Classified Ads
RCFCBC members are permitted to place “for sale” and “wanted” ads on the Classified Ad Message Board. These ads may include hobby related items and should be limited to include only hobby related items you want to sell or acquire. Household items, adult and children’s items, large personal items such as vehicles, appliances, furniture, or other non-hobby related items are deemed inappropriate content and will be removed at the discretion of the RCFCBC Webmaster and/or Executive Committee.

Charitable Contribution and Fund Raiser Requests
Please do not post requests for donations or support for your charitable organization – or fund raisers for your special interest groups. Any such postings (with the exception of the RCFCBC’s own fund raising efforts) must be pre-approved by the RCFCBC Executive Committee.

Do not send, forward or otherwise post “warning” messages on the website that have been received through email without first receiving permission from one of the website administrators/managers. Website managers will check various resources to determine if the warning message is a hoax or is a legitimate issue of possible concern to the membership prior to granting permission for the item to be posted or disseminated. Failure to comply with this policy may result in deletion of the post and suspension of the member’s website access.

Please be careful to post messages into the appropriate message board. Classifieds, for example, must be posted only to the Classified Board. All messages may be placed on only one message board – no duplications are allowed. Messages posted incorrectly (i.e. duplicates, wrong location) will be deleted.

Members agree to comply with our full privacy statement. Use of personal information provided to the general membership for any external marketing purpose is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, members agree that they will not sell or forward members’ information to anyone outside of the RCFCBC for any reason unless the member whose information is being shared specifically authorizes the sharing of their personal information in advance. By joining the RCFCBC, members agree to the terms of this privacy statement. The club membership of persons violating this policy will be permanently revoked. Members must employ good judgment in determining if it would be acceptable to forward messages authored by another member – with the general expectation being that you do not forward messages without the express written permission of the original author.

Take Responsibility
You are responsible and liable for all your activities while participating in the website. Remember, you are responsible for anything you say or post.

The RCFCBC reserves the right to remove at any time, without notice, any posting that violates this Code of Conduct. The RCFCBC also reserves the right to terminate the access rights of the member that is in violation of this Code of Conduct without notice.

Some forum users may post Internet website links in their posts. Please be advised that the RCFCBC is not responsible for the content of these websites, and holds no association with the links you may view. Some content and links on the Internet may be objectionable, as such; any such link will be removed.
You are responsible for any actions you may take based on advice or information you receive online. Use your own good judgement when evaluating information provided through any website area. The decision to conduct transactions with anyone is your own and you should conduct your own research prior to making any decisions.

Uphold the Code
In helping to make this forum area a place for communication and networking, we ask that you must do your part to uphold this Code of Conduct. Since the forums are not moderated on a full time basis, it is possible that violations of the code may not be noticed by the administrators of the website. Administrators will make every effort to identify and address code violations. However, if you notice a violation that has not been addressed (i.e. the message has not been deleted or responded to), please bring the violation to the attention of the Webmaster. Please do not use the flawed logic of, “I saw many other examples on the website (of messages that violated some aspect of the Code of Conduct) so I thought this type of posting was okay.”
The RCFCBC reserves the right to immediately terminate or suspend access to anyone for violations of our Code of Conduct. The RCFCBC also reserves our right to amend or change the Code of Conduct at any time without notice. You agree to periodically review this document to ensure you are doing your part.

Thank you for following this Code of Conduct and joining the RCFCBC website!
By clicking the link below I acknowledge that I have read and understand and agree to follow the Code of Conduct as set forth shown above.