Our field and general flying guidlines.

Our Landlord has been gracious enough to allow us the use of his land and as such we want to take pride in what we have for our use. We  have a fantastic flying site. One that we all can be proud of as the home of RCFCBC. Please see “Our Location” for the directions and map to our flying site. Please  also be aware that our location does not allow for events of any kind, kerosene powered jets, 3D flying or F.P.V.or drone flying of any type. All flying at this location must conform to M.A.A.C. regulations rules and guidelines. This is a busy full scale corridor and flying with a spotter is highly recommended. Farm animals are close at hand and an occupied residence to our rear, therefore no noisy aircraft are permitted. The field is for “circuit flying only” within the confines of the road to the left and the tree to the right. Newbies take priority on Sunday mornings for training. Please note NO cel phones in the pits. MAAC ruling Tks