Mr C. Has been busy while the snow has been falling

Dave C is building a Wellington Bomber. Here is his progress so far, q100_1073




100_1075uite amazing.

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A special day for these young boys at the field


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Hi Folks,

The Annual A.G.M. for R.C.F.C.B.C. will be held at Rickys All Day Grill 8720 – 204th Street Walnut Grove. (it is in behind the McDonalds on 88th ave, actually at the end of 204th) see link. Turn South onto 204th from 88th.

(Some of us are going an hour early 7.00 pm to have a bite to eat and to support the restaurant.)

The date and time are the same, 8.00 pm on the Thursday 19th November 2015 look for us in the banquette room.
Last years exec will run again to look after your interests and keep the field secure.’s+All+Day+Grill+-+Walnut+Grove/@49.161776,-122.6592347,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x5485d17f2eade769:0xc8e748884dcda11f

See you there
The executive

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Jim Ramsey has moved.

To You All
The fact that there may be a rumor I’ve left the country is not true.
I’ve with help from the kids managed to clear boxes out of the strategic area. I can now eat, feed the dog, watch TV If I chose and clean myself. The computer was tied to Shaw this afternoon and I’m trying to get the message out. Think that Skye and I are coping reasonably well with the big change.
New address is:
1460 Wild Cherry Terrace
Gabriola BC
V0R 1X5

Cell 1-604-970-6469 This the old number and will hang onto it for a while.
Cell calls a bit spotty and have installed a land line.
Phone 1-250-247 8703
We both wish everyone all the best
Jim and Skye

TA TA for now…..

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Vernon Glider Tow

Dave C is having fun towing up his gliders. Good one Dave. Do you Toe Sopwith camels?
Anyway, looks like a good time was had by all at the new field near Vernon

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Here is an interesting site to browse

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Shushwap June 2016

Here are some shots of the lake at Shushwap and some of the planes. The silver Bullet of the the late Gerry Freck went like a rocket and Dave Collis’s Kingfisher flew very well.DSCN2640








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The late Gerry Frecks Silver Bullet to return to Shushwap

The silver bullet is being restored to flying condition and should be ready for Shushwap. Modifications will include some markers on the top wing to stop it disappearing in the low cloud. A rudder for steerage and replacement of a lazy aileron servo.
Gerry wont be with us this year but at least we can celebrate his life by flying his model there. I gather his 1/3rd Cub may also fly there. Gerry was always an early riser and ready to go at 8.00 a.m. We shall miss him on the beach. Sparks

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Peter kindly sent a video of our field in action

Here you go.

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Richmond ban RC flying in parks and school yards.

Attached is a notice for those that fly in the Richmond area.


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