Hi Folks,Please be aware that our field is closed on Friday Jan 30th as a film crew will be shooting  beside the barns. Please do not hastle anyone at the field and ask when you can fly.

The field is closed Friday only Jan 30th 2015.. Thank you..

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Shake & Shingle Pub closing its doors at the end of January

Sadly I have to advise you that the pub is closing its doors as of January 31st 2015. We are not sure if there will be new owners or a change of venue. I will advise when I hear.

The tail in the picture is of a newly constructed SE5A by Club member Allen. Very nice work. If you have pictures I can post please send them in. Tks

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Sams Flying wing

Wayne checks out Sam’s Electric flying wing with light strips ( Good on a foggy day). Sam says it fly’s great but don’t put it in a spin because it wont recover. Sam is also seen returning with his great flying Spitfire. Maybe when it warms up a tad we can get airborne again.

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Congratulation Jerry Ruscheinski winner of the 2014 B.C. Pattern Championship

This group one is of all the winners for Masters. The Pic from behind the chairs is for BC Championship for 2014.

Jerry won the contest for Masters, in Victoria this past weekend Sept 6 & 7thand for the year 2014 he won the Championship.

Pattern is consists of 5 classes (sportsman, intermediate, Advanced, Masters and FAI )..

Jerry thanked RCFCBC and the executive for our perfect field in 2013-14, with well trimmed grass and understanding pilots, when we needed to practice our sequences we usually flew alone.
The planes that we fly in pattern these days are Electric with a 10 cell 5000mah packs to run the power for the motor and ESC. Plus we have a separate 1200mah pack to run all control surfaces.
Jerry says “These planes fly straight as an arrow and are under 11lbs.”

WELL DONE JERRY The Championship 2014 The win

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Here is a fun time. Unpowered gliders towing.

Two tow planes pull small (straight up) and large 16ft span gliders up to some good heights and then letum go. Busy time for the volunteer tow pilots.IMG_0398 IMG_0404 IMG_0402 IMG_0399

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Eduardo Kindly sent us some great field pics

DSC_0020 DSC_0021 DSC_0014 DSC_0009 DSC_0041 DSC_0040 DSC_0035 DSC_0034 DSC_0031Some pictures fr Eduardo. Many Thanks.

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Empties found at the field

Please be advised alcohol is not permitted on the owners property and  RCFCBC  does not permit the consumption of alcohol  at the flying site.

If you would  like a drink following your visit to our field please feel free to go to our field owner premisses, the Shake and Shingle pub, as I am sure he would most happy to see you there.

Thank you,  The executive

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George & Gay

cropped-George-Gay.jpgMany of us that fly or flew R.C. started at Fry’s Corner. Instructed by someone that lay on the grass looking like he was sleeping until you got in the Sh*t and he was there like an arrow. George was always there to help. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to George & Gay, this lovely couple that dedicated many many years of their lives to helping us all learn to fly, cutting the grass and looking after Fry’s Corner and on and on. I know they are enjoying retirement and keeping busy all the time however not forgotten.

Just to let you know we still appreciate what you did for us all. Big Hugs. CJ and many of the RCers.

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old timers 2Dave C and Bill P. flew the Old Timers for the members last weekend. It was the slowest fly past I have ever seen.  This weekend was a workday for a select few to paint 4  tables kindly provided by Don Wadella. Big thanks Don. Painting was carried out today by Bill, Iain, Rick, Collis & your truly. Nice job chaps. Flying commenced at 10.00 a.m. and then off to the pub for a laugh, lunch and a pint. as the rain started to come down pretty good. Flying entertainment was provide by Bill P test flying a rather tail heavy bipe of Waynes and Sparky put his Falcon into a spin and after 3 turns neutralized the controls. The plane continued spinning and spinning, finally coming out after applying some opposite rudder, power and down elevator. Another foot and a bag and a shovel would have been needed, lol. Dave flew his Bee Gee like it was on rails. Good time had by all. Thank you Alan Cheng for the pictures :)

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Here are some shots taken at the Shushwap Float Fly

Big thanks to the Grindrod flying club for putting on another great fun event and retrieving  all the dead planes out on the lake. The weather was great with only a couple of rain events and we all seemed to have  a good time. It was unfortunate that two pilots from Seachelt ending up putting there Beavers in the tree. I missed that. I hope they get well soon! Thanks again Grindrod for a fun well organized safe event.Cub on calm watersNorthstar - Ming supervisesDave C with WigenFast fly by.CalmInverted flat spins followed

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